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How sad is it that I've NEVER been to Vegas. Though, to be fair, I've never seen the appeal of gambling - seems to me that if I just set my money on fire and watched it burn, it'd be just as much fun and have the same result.

That being said, I'd love to go, because, woot! Strippers!


I went once, but gambling had nothing to do with it.

Actually, now that I think about it, I guess it kinda did.

no masturbation jokes, please

Well, of course not. You didn't mention tanning booths anywhere.


I'm not a gambler, but every time I've happened to drop quarter in a poker machine, I've won it back. I'm scared to keep playing, though, because gambling just doesn't make sense to my brain.

I've never seen strippers in Vegas but maybe they're Downtown? Like I said, this will be the first time I'll be there for the majority of my stay.


Just got back yesterday from a few days in Vegas. It was GORGEOUS! 65 and sunny everyday.

Had dinner at Grotto in the Golden Nugget Downtown. Everybody loved there food, and the price wasn't bad.

Shock of shocks, there is a strip club downtown.

Have fun!


Sorry, still a little foggy - that would everyone loved THEIR food.


Have a great trip. Take some pictures so you can at least remind us what warm weather looks like! And don't forget your singles if you go to the strip club. :)


My latest trip to Vegas consisted of a road trip with my buddy from pre-school. We drove from Minneapolis to San Francisco to meet up with some of our friends and then from SFO to Vegas.

It was one of the best trips i have taken in a long time. It was such a rare opportunity and an unbelievable trip, in the sense that, we never thought growing up that we would have reunion in Vegas. Can you imagine a bunch of friends from a semi-small city in India having a conversation about a reunion after all these years, in Vegas. This city holds a special spot in my heart.

Have fun and don't hesitate to stop at http://www.gandhicuisine.com/About.aspx if you are craving for some Indian food.


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