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Jon Hoffman

Hi Alexis, I love your blog and column! It would be great if you'd post about the Pro Choice Resources Bowl-a-Thon coming up. All help will ensure that no woman faces barriers to reproductive health and personal freedom.

Read about why I support Pro Choice Resources: http://opinioniv.blogspot.com/2009/01/pro-choice-bowl-thon.html

Or donate directly here: http://my.campagne-online.com/personalPage.aspx?registrationID=29691



Geez, I didn't think - I could have told you about Fremont Street and the lack of security...


The Fremont Experience - You need street smarts downtown, its the really the melting pot of America from: homeless people to people like say me that can say afford a plane ticket, to the folks that drive there ... much more so on weekends.

Getting to the strip from downtown is a fun double decker bus ride. Cabs from the strip back downtown are about as much joy a Minneapolis Airport cab ride every 5 or 6 years ... "HEY turn on the meter", and "take Paradise" will solve most of your typical cab problems getting back downtown.

If you gamble - go to the cashier and ask for a players card if you don't have one. And if you play for awhile, win or lose, you will like the room rate on your return trip at the very least!

As for Food out there - I remain un-impressed especially at the prices. I will check out your recommendation at the Barrolta at the Wynn. But then I like Mickey's Diner and I love Manny's ... I always enjoy 20.21 here, but Wolifie's Vegas food sucks.

Two words PINK JEEP tours - you will thank me later.

If you can teach me to play craps I'll buy you dinner.



Don't you mean "Minnesota-style" pizza?


Jon- how funny would it be if I was anti-choice?

Dean- I've had piles of those player cards, but they're never any use. I just don't gamble for anything other than the free beers.

Mom- way to come through.

Chuck- Chicago has their deep-dish style, but ask for a thin crust and you'll think you're sitting in a booth at Chanticlear or Carbone's.

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