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There's a yummy Brazilian cheese bread that is free of wheat...


They make their own sangria and it is WONDERFUL.


I went to one of Agri's tasting dinners this fall and was majorly impressed. Everything was delicious, not to mention vegan and gluten-free. The service was great and the price was reasonable (I think about $60 for three courses, plus wine pairings).


Had dinner at Agri last night. Love the Yam Chips! The Lentil soup was great too. Learned the menu is changing next week. May be worth a revist when the new menu rolls out.


O.K. - I hate to rain on the Cafe Agri love fest, but I had one of the worst dining experiences there possible. To keep the list short, they couldn't serve the appetizer we wanted because they were out of bread(?!?) - which they later produced for a different table as we were leaving. It took them 45 minutes to serve our entrees, that had already spent 10 minutes at the wrong table, and the food was (obviously) cold at that point. The poor folks who had been there longer than us, that originally recieved our food, weren't served till after we were finished. It was comically bad. The kitchen was even arguing with the wait staff. My better-half is less generous than I am about the experience. And we've heard other reports of the mediocre, mismanaged service. Sad because it was close and convenient.

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