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At first, I thought the new Pepsi logo did so poorly that they decided to switch to that old one.


The corn farmers will be okay. They still have their "It's made of corn; how bad can it be?" ad campaign to fall back on.


guess it's prob too "non-pc" to have the shooting-hillbilly-with-pig-and-outhouse logo that mt. dew had back in olden times. oh well... ow! my teeth already hurt in anticipation of all that real sugar!


Yeah, what is it with the plastic bottles? It always tastes off. Though, fountain soda beats them all.


Is the Passover Coke out yet??


I know what you mean about the plastic bottles. Even though the aluminum cans have a sort of taste to them, I guess I sort of like it. I much prefer cans to drinking from plastic. Glass is the best, though.

And though I've never seen Pepsi or Mountain Dew, you can always find Coke made with real sugar during Passover.


Corn farmers will be fine. Corn makes steak taste awesome, and corn itself is yummy. There will always be *some* demand for corn.

It's big corporations like ADM that are pushing sugar embargoes so we use it for sweetener and E85 restrictions so we burn it in our gas tanks that will take a hit, and I couldn't be happier about it.


Just found this site - as a local I appreciate the links you have to start.

I have been on a rabid search for Passover coke. Does anyone know where to find it in the Twin Cities??

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