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Funny.... my Dad Joined facebook after my sister and I went on and on about how we talked on it..... now I have to edit everything. My facebook personality is boring even to me!!!


Wit, doesn't your mom read this?


Er, that should be "wait," not "wit."


My *entire* family has added me on Facebook. I justed edited out the link to my blog. If they can't handle it, well, -- that'll learn 'em.


Gee, your friends sent me facebook invites FIRST!!


The "OMG My Parents Joined Facebook" phenomenon is akin to when folks complain about new neighbors. What we fail to realize is that our moving-in probably rankled someone else (just like the original FB kids who felt the oldsters like us were co-opting their corner of cyberspace).

My folks have been on for about 6 months now and I got over it after a few weeks. What I really worry about, though, is what I'll have to do when my KIDS join. Talk about self-editing. ugh.


This is your new temporary best friend - "10 Privacy Settings All Facebook Users Should Know": http://www.allfacebook.com/2009/02/facebook-privacy/ It's possible to control what your folks see vs. friends vs. colleagues, without being a giant hairy hassle.

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