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I LOVE America's Test Kitchen!


I don't have cable and just started getting Create when we installed the digital converter box. What a great channel.

June Hewitt

Love the channel, but question timing of some programs. I love quilting programs, and just discovered Phons and Porter show at 7:00am. what mom has time at that time of the day to watch her favorite shows, couldn't you put it on at a later time, maybe in the early afternoon before the kids grt home from school? Please thanks


I am happier with TPT LIFE than with TPT Create. They combined the cooking, crafting and travel shows with children's programming and British comedies.

Reception has been a bit tricky when on channels 17-4, but now is great on 2-3.

Misagna Isaak

Ilove tpt 13 great cooking show and travel and nice British movies end of evening and sundays. I love love love my tpt GPPD JOB keep going (KUDOS)

Misagna Isaak

My mommy loves TPT and I Love all my cartoon shows thanks for showing Cat in the hat mostly. Can you please have more show of thomas the train
ziki 2 1/2 year old

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