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How exciting for him! An island in Wisconsin... bizarre. Sounds like a perfect opportunity for a resort of some kind, though.

R. Jacobson

Greetings... I work with Smart Talk Media producer of the women's speaker series at Orchestra Hall. We have a show on March 25th with Fran Drescher and would like to see if you might be interested in attending. Please see my email for more details sent earlier this week.


Saunders is a joke. Going back to school? How about selling out to be John Rupp's callboy. If you don't sell out to that man you're through. He's never gonna see his baby boy. "Wunderkinds" don't bomb two restaurants. Look at Philip Dorwart.


"Bomb?" Please. At 3.5 years old Fugaise was a geriatric specimen for fine dining in Minnesota... The only place left of remotely that same caliber is La Belle Vie and they're as short on customers right now as any other restaurant. What's wrong with a talented chef working for someone else to put food on his family's table?... Nothing.

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