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You are not eligible to enter and will be disqualified if:
You are a food professional, such as a chef, food writer or someone who creates recipes for pay.


Can I enter more than one recipe into the contest?
The official rules state that each entry should be submitted only once, but there are no restrictions on the total number of recipe entries you can submit for this contest.


Yes, I read the rules but one never knows if something like that got omitted by accident. In other recipe contest rules, it almost always states whether or not entrants can submit multiple recipes.


Have you tried out Agri yet? Rebecca likes it for their gluten-free menu, plus it's got good politics.


Did you know that the Greenway Cafe already closed? Do you know why? Inquiring minds want to know!


I did not, very interesting. I wonder if the beer/wine license wasn't sound or some other bureaucratic bullsh*t. Hopefully it's only temporary.


I just read an interesting book about the Bake Off called The Ungarnished Truth.

Tara (twoleggedtara)

Here's an email I received from the Old Arizona people about the Greenway Cafe:

"I have attached a statement that was sent out in CAA's latest newsletter from the group of vegans that are attempting to make a go of it in Old Arizona's cafe. Contrary to what many in the vegan community think, Old Arizona's cafe is not new, it was established in 1993. Old Arizona's management simply agreed to share its space in an attempt to provide the community with additional vegan options. After their first week of operation the group realized they needed to make some changes and staff up in order to better serve the public. Their plan is to announce a re-opening date sometime in the near future. In the mean time, Old Arizona will return to its regular menu and hours of operation beginning in May. Hours of operation are: Thursday through Saturday, 11AM to 7PM. Stay tuned.


Old Arizona Management

Old Arizona's Greenway Cafe Closed
A note from The Greenway Cafe Collective ...
"Old Arizona's Greenway Cafe has closed. We thank all of the people who stopped by during the brief period we were open. The decision to close was not taken lightly, but we decided we need time to re-group and re-tool in order to serve our customers, and the local community, better.
"None of this would have been possible without the support of Darcy Knight and Elizabeth Trumble, the owners of Old Arizona. They had the bold vision to allow us to operate in the wonderful space they built from-scratch.
"Please continue to stop by Old Arizona, which offers a wonderful selection of teas, chocolates and more, all in support of its community-focused social mission.""


Good intel there, Tara. You're officially a Girl Friday operative.

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