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Love the sandals! When I saw the black stockings with the black/white ribboned sandals I was reminded of how you and your sister would make fun of me when I wore stockings with mine!!


LOVE the sandals.....but they need to hurry up on the size 11! Stupid clown feet.


Secrets of the grain was playing on demand with Comcast awhile back. It was a good movie, but not what I was expecting.


I have also seen The Biggest Chinese restaurant in the World on TV. Now that was a great film.


The mid-cherry wedges are going on my b-day list!


And we still would, Mom.


Great concept.

Of course... they stop WAY short of my size. Bastards! :(


Okay... I take it all back. Check out how cool these people are. I e-mailed them, and this was the response:

"Hi Tara,

Thanks for contacting me about this!

Good news, I plan on having size 13 available in a week or two! I've always wanted to make a wider range of sizes, but my lumberyard had cut the blocks of wood I use for the shoes too narrow, so I had only been able to make up to a narrow-ish 10.

However, I'm expecting a shipment of walnut early next week that I can make size 13s out of. I've attached a picture showing what the walnut looks like (maple is available as well). I can also make square and round toes, not just the pointy as shown.

I'm planning on sending out an email when these new options launch, but you may also want to check back at my site and send me some hate mail if I haven't contacted you or added the new size range within two weeks.

Thanks and have a super day!



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