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Crystal (Cafe Cyan)

Oooh, a Pureology substitute? You got me!

Love your post - after being laid off in Feb, I'm going down the route of using more coupons, buying generic, and sadly going out less. Boo! Time to watch a movie and do my own pedicure.

Tara (twoleggedtara)

I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but per Peta L'Oreal still tests on animals. (You can look up a do/don't test list at www.caringconsumer.com. NAVS lists L'Oreal as questionable.

I also have made the switch to cheaper (and paraben-free) hair care recently. Try Giovanni or Shikai products. They can be found at Whole Foods or the co-ops and go on sale often. I believe www.drugstore.com also carries these brands, and they always seem to be way cheaper than anyplace else and often have free-shipping for orders over $25.


Thanks Crystal - on the upside, I'm cooking at home even more lately, which I'm sure you are as well.

It's OK, Tara, Girl Friday Operatives are allowed to Debbie Downer posts. I had read something a while ago (from L'Oreal? I don't remember) in which a statement was made regarding their brand not being PETA-approved. It was because they still use animal ingredients (collagen, etc.) in several of them, especially the makeup. My shampoo and conditioner say "100% vegan - not tested on animals, no animal byproducts." I've tried both Shakai and Giovanni products; total nightmares for my crazy hair.


Wow. You have really nice feet.

Tara (twoleggedtara)

Good to know about the shampoo and conditioner. I get bored with using the same stuff, so maybe I'll give it a whirl next time. Thanks for the info!


Hey, know what's really hard to remove? These little nail stickers. Geez. I'm picking away at them with my fingernails because polish remover isn't doing anything.

Tara (I thought about putting threeleggedtara here, but that's just childish, isn't it?)

That stick for pushing back cuticles would probably scrape those stickers off without hurting anything (after dousing them with polish remover).

You want them to be tough to remove, though. Otherwise sandal straps would have them off before anybody even got to see you with them.


Oh, and that thing you do with your toes? Freaky. Glad to hear that your honey likes it, but I'm kinda weirded out.


I just tried that move with my toes, now I have to go to the emergency room. Thanks. :(


One of my blog readers sent me this way since I am a Pureology fanatic. Thanks so much for the review, once my purple Pureology bottles run out I will be trying EverPure! Thank you!


you have beautiful toes. could you but more pictures of your feet out?

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