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Chris O.

I'm not usually a big Lileks fan, but I think that may be one of the best reviews of the movie I've seen so far. Hopefully you can top him!

Leif Pettersen

Not only that, but you didn't use the occasion to break out the Klingon tattoo! If there is/was/will ever be a better time to flaunt it, I don't know when that might be. I got Katie's hopes up for nothing.

sarah Bangmaster

Not a fan!!!!


I tend to agree with those who speculated that Star Trek was in mid-rewrite when a writer's strike interfered with them finishing it. A lot of lines and scenes seem to reference events which were cut from the first draft.

Also, the first half or so of the movie is BANG-ZOWIE, story-wise, while the second half relies on a ton of extremely unlikely and unexplained coincidences. (Good question, Spock! How DID he find you?)

But none of the plot holes mattered, because the director & cast totally saved the movie. They obviously understood what the movie was *really* about: the relationships between the characters.

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