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The 3/50 concept looks interesting, and a pretty easy goal. The one business type that fits their independent brand the easiest would be liquor stores. Most of the liquor stores in the metro area would qualify as appropriate places to spend your $50. The only exceptions I can think of right now are MGM, Haskell's, and the liquor stores attached to other businesses.


Definitely easy; just think about bars and restaurants, too. If you go out as much as I do, it would be easy to increase that $50 to $100 and still have it be an attainable goal. Haskell's is local, isn't it? They just have that one extra location in Naples, FL like a few other MN companies do (must be a huge MN snowbird population in Naples?).

Tara (twoleggedtara)

I'm so excited to try those crispy sweet potato rolls. YUM!


As far as I know Haskell's is a local company. I'll make a broad generalization here, but Florida seems like the land of displaced chain stores. Giordano's Pizza, for example, is tightly centered around Chicago... and Orlando? Not sure how to explain that.

Maybe it'd be more interesting for folks that follow a budget to figure out how much, as a percentage, of their monthly expenses would qualify for the 3/50 challenge. Then the goal would be to see if you can raise the percentage just by changing some behaviors.

Oh, and ironically enough, one of my biggest expenses that doesn't quality for the 3/50 program is the money I spend at the farmer's market. If I switched to buying those things from The Wedge, they would qualify. Just another case of conflicting goals.


Hooray for sweet potato fries! As a diabetic, sweet potatoes are the only kind of potato I eat anymore. (Regular potatoes are basically instant glucose once they get in your system.)

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