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I love elote! I will have to try your recipe because it is a helluva lot cheaper than those at el Burrito Mercado. I always thought that they just used cayenne. I'll also check back in when I make those veggie chorizo tacos. They sound delish and field roast makes great meat substitutes.


Thank you SO much for posting this! I've been making the gradual move this year to reduce and/or eventually eliminate meat (at least red meat and most pork) from my diet. I'm desperately searching for GOOD substitutes so I can continue to enjoy a lot of the same dishes, but in a more healthy way. Thanks for the tip/link to the Field Roast products!

Crystal (Cafe Cyan)

Love grilled corn and I'm such a butter, salt, pepper type of person. My favorite combo on corn AND popcorn. Happy eating!


I went to a press screening of Star Trek. It was ok. I kind of missed Shatnerisms...and I disliked (for lack of a better term) Scotty's Jar-Jar.
I also am surprised (mild spoiler) that you aren't more upset over the lack of Klingons.


I love the Field Roast chorizo; it's the only meat substitute I really eat, besides Boca bratwursts.

I thought the villian storyline they chose was great; with how much action there is in that movie (it is non-stop, really), I'm not sure there was room for a Klingon attack in addition to the Romulans. Klingons are mentioned a couple of times, and it's clearly implied that they're the nemesis of the Federation. Maybe the sequel will have some Klingon-Federation face-offs.


I had to write again. You mentioned that you like the Boca Brats, I have had a hard time finding them so I emailed Boca and said they have been discontinued! Stock up if you find them.


Gah! What? No way. Ohhh, that is not good news.


You are fricken hilarious!! I'm a teacher in Alaska looking for a snow worthy ride, I too have been stalking CL world-wide for my very own white 94-96 Bronco. Putting you on notice, I am stealing your plate idea if it is available in AK. Cheers!

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