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Yeah, it's too bad the Buff X here totally blows. I had a similar experience when I tried selling there, too. Tucson, however, houses some of the most knowledgeable staff and best selection of vintage clothes, which is the best way to gauge said consignment shop.

Tara (twoleggedtara)

I found the Buffalo Exchange employees to be snot faces too. I have also noticed that tons of their clothes are for Target and they charge more for them than Target does new! Down with Buffalo Exchange. I would much rather go to Everyday Peeps.


OH my gosh. I completely agree. The people that work there seem clueless about fashion and are total assholes to the people that come in to shop or sell.


I never really have any luck with Plato's Closet, and the staff is usually pretty indifferent. Service wise, I've always thought Everyday People was the best bet, but I've never stopped at Buffalo Exchange. Don't know that I will now though. Thanks for this post - I've been cleaning things out like crazy and wanted to try to sell things prior to donating this time around too.


My experience, equally as bad, I've never been snubbed so hard in all my life. That being said, my clothes were all under 2 years old, and purchased in the hey day of having a roommate, and EXTREME spending habits, this was pretty nice stuff. Puma stuff, and lots of Anthropologie.

I wasn't expecting much by the way of extra cash, but this broad was a rank bitch to me, eyes rolled, the whole bit.

So I have vowed never to shop there. Nu-Look is better, and obvx. Fashion Avenue.


OK, my experience with Buffalo was totally different - I went late in the day in the winter, had 5 bags of stuff with me, most of it trendy and designer, and they were nothing but nice to me. I ended up $200 cash option (there were a lot of good shoes in there) and still had 2 bags left to donate.

I agree with the commentor above who said Tucson Buffalo Exchange (and Phoenix) are way better, but that may be because they started in AZ and are fantastic there. The selection of clothes at the one here stinks.

But I thought the service was fine. They encouraged me to shop and left me alone.

But again - that was 6 months ago, maybe things have changed.


Buffalo Exchange staff in Uptown are so snotty and rude. I attempted to sell some clothing there a few months ago. After about 10 minutes, the employee handed me back my clothing and suggested that I donate them. I had some of the same brands that they sold, so it wasn't like I was trying to sell pit-stained Target T-shirts. Nothing like having a 19 year old try to make you feel like trash!


I have come to really love NuLook, if you're willing to wait for your money (you get half of what they sell it for). You definitely get more for your clothes in the end, and they are always very nice.


When you think about it, it's odd that a national company would exist which routinely insults their customers and pisses them off, whilst taking such care to seem all green and socially conscious in their official corparate PR...
I, too have been made to wait in a tin chair while the clerk ( yes, CLERK, as in 19 year old, doesn't know shit like the record store CLERK that's always too cool for you) goes through thousands of dollars at new retail clothes in good condition and makes baffling selections and offers half of Goodwill retail, does ever other possible floor task while you are waiting for this 19 year old fashion oracle, and then has the audacity to offer a shopping option AFTER you've spent a hour in that friggin tin chair! I actually voiced my concerns about how I was treated to the manager and she said Well, you see, it's just a "service which we offer", and I just said "Well, I get that" ( what I meant was that I got the ATTITUDE) and left, with an hour gone of my life and like 36 dollars in my pocket. I DONT CARE IF THEY DONT WANT TO BUY MY CLOTHES OR DONT WANT TO PAY ME ANYTHING FOR THEM, IT'S A BUISNESS,THEY HAVE SEASONAL/INVENTORY NEEDS , I GET THAT. BUT THEY DONT HAVE TO TREAT THEIR CUSTOMERS LIKE THEY ARE LUCKY THAT THEY ARE OPEN!Sorry for the yelling, but someone needs to friggn hear this.

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There is other places like clothes mentor in roseville and maple grove and I have had better experiences going to. Plato's in eden prairie and maple grove there more fashionable knowledge workers there.. the most bad dealings I have ran across from when a vintage store says..my clothes are to old label to buy.. hello. Is this a vintage store why would the label matter if its cute and stiill fashionable. Or theey do not have the money to buy it it is better to go early in the day cuz they have a limited amount of money to buy things, remember go early and wed thru Friday is better never on the weekends.


You could try a company called Sell My Clothes, they are in Bloomsbury, London, WC1, by the British Museum. They buy clothes, shoes, handbags, CDs, DVDs, video games, records, as well as other stuff and they can arrange to have heavy box lots of stuff picked up free by a courier, anywhere in the UK.


Alternatively, try eBay, but check prices of items sold similar to yours first. Unless its designer stuff, it sells for almost nothing.

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It is great idea! But if you want to help and support people in need, you can donate your old clothes for them. :)


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