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I roll so VIP, they have to give me 2 badges.

(J/K, one of them is Erik's.)

Crystal (Cafe Cyan)

Alexis - you rock! It makes me so sad that things like this still occur (really people, what's the purpose in being hateful?!?), but it makes me happy that you (and others) speak out against it. Yay to the Vita.mn readers too.


Quite discouraging to read/hear about negative incidents! Oh, those weren't Mpls. officers who walked by, they were private security guys who did nothing (see article in this morning's Strib).

Gal About Minneapolis

Here's another video of the family being arrested, but this one has a really hot guy selling Marriage Equality T-Shirts!


It was the highlight of the weekend.


I think it's a safe bet that very few fundamentalist-religious prudes read your sex column, and those few who might probably would not admit to doing so, which makes it seem very unlikely that you would get a response from one of them trying to counter the scholar you interviewed.

Dropping the very same bomb on my Facebook wall a couple months ago, I raised the ire a rather well-read divinity school grad (who spend a lot of time studying translations, though through the lens of his already-established theology) who really challenged me to think about and refine my arguments.

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