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I can haz center align or... no? Grr, Typepad is irritating me this week.


Looks delicious!!!


I think I've asked this before, but you know how my memory is - where do you find Swiss chard?


Deb's garden lately. If it's in season, Cub seems to have it. Otherwise, I think The Wedge has it out of season. Collard greens would be an acceptable substitute, you'd just have to cook them longer; maybe braise them a little between the aromatics and the tomato steps.


Yay!! I can't wait to follow this!! Looks like you post a lot of great stuff, can't wait to see more! Thanks! Mary, Fit This, Girl!


this cracked me up so hard i spit my gum out:

Failing to remember for some reason what happens when you heat corn kernels to very high temperatures...

(Anyone? Yes, you in the back. That's right, they POP.)

... I nearly lost an eyeball due to a corn kernel flying out of a grease-filled skillet.

love your blog!!

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