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well.... doesn't it depend on how it looks ON YOU?


Return it. You don't seem excited by the prospect of wearing it and I think that means you probably will wear it only once, if ever, should you decide to keep it.

I have a closet filled with dresses I found at a great price that I never ever wear (and never will) because I don't have the right shoes or am just not as crazy about it as I thought.

The dress is great; it's a very classic style as you said. Personally, I think those colors would look really great on you, but that being said there are plenty of colors people insist look great on me that I am just not into either.

Take it back and use the money for something you love and will wear out by wearing so often.

Jenny Kerwin

Didn't you say recently that yellow wasn't a good color on you? Return.


The bigger question is, why do you want a Windows laptop????

Not to be a Mactard, but seriously what ties you to Windows?


Love the dress, I'd pair it with gladiators in a brown or tan leather.


Get a new laptop. Life's too short to fuck around with an old one.


Return the dress, save up for a better laptop.


Some local trustworthy electronic stores:




Have you been to Opitz for shoes? They've got a large, if mercurial, supply and some excellent deals.

And I had good luck with Cyberpower when designing my own laptop. It's a gamer site, so any laptop you can assemble strong enough for games will be amply capable for more mundane, business-like applications. I would use General Nanosystems for a tower/workstation.


Return it ...........
Its horrible


Don't hate just because I look better in it than you do.

The only problem with the shoes at Opitz is that they're pretty far out of season. Not much of a big deal for men's shoes and classic ladies' styles, but frustrating if you're looking for trendy. Brown gladiators would be a great trendy choice but they're already [weakly] on season #3; they won't be back next year so I run the risk of having outdated footwear next summer.

The 'returns' win. I'll take the dress back today and see if anything good got marked down this week at Von Maur.

I've looked at Macs; they're more expensive yet I don't see why. Also, just an observation: most of my friends that have Macs are always taking them in to Firstech or wherever to have something repaired. I've never had to have anything fixed on my laptop, it's just sort of slowly dying.

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Hey! If i were you just keep that dress. maybe in other times or other occasion you can you used it. it seems the colors of the dress looks great and the style was very simple. keep it up!





You will always choose something else. Return.


Return. I love the idea of deck shoes (I went through several summers sporting the nautical look) but I find those colors difficult to style. Definitely a keeper if the color scheme were different.


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