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Hm, Aug. 25 is a Tuesday...is the Blacklist Vintage sale the 22nd or 29th?


Nice grab. I double-checked the email and it definitely says "Saturday August 25."

There's a flyer attachment that won't open for me that could possibly unlock the mystery to all of this.


Vanessa emailed me back and it is this Saturday, July 25.


Also this Saturday, my band (Fuzzy Machete) is playing at Club Underground as part of Gray Matador's CD release show.

Find me at the show and tell me you're a friend and/or fan of Alexis, and get a free hug from me. ;)

(I'd offer more compelling swag, but we're caught between batches of merchandise at the moment.)

Oh, and we've been told by so many people that our band sounds like the name of a drink that we're thinking of having a contest to see who can invent a "Fuzzy Machete" cocktail. Details will probably be posted on our web site once we sort them out.

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