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garlic isn't that cheap... I think a head of garlic at, say, Kowalski's runs around $1 (if not more).

Although.. I would totally consider garlic a seasoning. That's ridiculous.


Remind me not to shop at Kowalski's.... garlic, plain white, not organic, is usually less than $1 per pound at Rainbow, and I'd say at least dozen whole heads equal 1 pound.


Well now you've got me wondering. I don't always look at the price of garlic -- you need garlic, you buy garlic -- but I'm pretty sure it's not a buck a head.

Account Deleted

Okay, I've got a question as someone who's pretty naive to the inner workings of the restaurant biz: Why would D'Amico Cucina close down only to reopen in close proximity to the old spot with a slightly different name just a few months later? Cost of the space? A desire to completely turnover the staff? Breathing room to rebrand? I don't get it.


Garlic is currently running about $1/head at local farmers markets. It should get cheaper as we get into fall. I hope BSP is using the good local stuff instead of price gouging.

David Foureyes

Erica - Different "resessiony" menu they couldn't have pulled off @ Cucina, different lease structure (not to mention a more visible locale...no one going to a Twins game was going to eat at Cucina), much of the staff came over from Cucina or was repurposed within Damico's other restaurants.

Also, none of these menus display on a Mac. I'm not quite sure how you mess up a PDF unless they did this in some old crappy version of Illustrator for Windows.


What David said. Butler Square was bangin' 15 years ago, but now there are a dozen more visible restaurants in downtown Minneapolis that people think of when it's time for a destination meal.

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