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Now, if Coca-Cola would just follow suit.


My kid found a 12 pack at a store by the rec center he hangs out at and biked it five miles home to give to you - and then was hellaciously ticked off when his dad and stepbrothers drank it. Sorry!


I tried the Mountain Dew Throwback and didn't really find a substantial difference. And I know I'm gonna try the Pepsi Throwback, but there has got to be a difference between the recipes. Right? It's not unreasonable to expect a noticeable difference?


I just did a blind taste test with a friend and he actually made a face after drinking the HFCS Mountain Dew. "10 times better" was the rating for Mountain Dew Throwback. I learned that regular soda adds substantially more carbonation, as the bubbles cover up the bitterness.


Pepsi Throwback is BACK! Along with Mountain Dew throwback AND Heritage Dr Pepper all made with sugar.
To the reader above, if you drink pepsi throwback for a few days then try to go back to the HCFA pepsi you will notice a big difference. One can may not do it for you. One can did it for me because I am old enough to have had sugared Pepsi and remember what it tasted like. Stock up now! It wont last long.

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