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I'm surprised to hear that someone so interested in food doesn't like egg yolks. It plays such a crucial role in so many dishes.

Leif Pettersen

Just got word that a beaded curtain is on order to protect the mirror/sink area at Kings and should be up at or soon after tomorrow's opening.


Egg yolks should be runny. Eating a solid egg yolk doesn't make sense. Why bother?


I'm with you on runny egg yolks, and I'm a fully affirmed carnivore.


I don't know that I've ever prepared and served raw egg yolk, save for the one time I made mayo (something I rarely eat) from scratch.

John Minn

I always find it a bit peculiar if people go to a seafood restaurant and expect to get a vegetarian meal - do you go to a dentist and expect a liver transplant?


Exactly. I don't expect a vegetarian selection on the menu at Manny's, either.


I'm not vegetarian, but a restaurant is a damn fool if it doesn't have a few vegetarian selections on the menu.

What if you don't choose the venue, but still want to join in on the outing? That's how you end up at Murray's ordering the pasta or vegetable soup. Duh.

Or what if you are a Hindu at a business meeting and they all decide to go to Murray's for dinner? (I've seen it happen.)

john jindra

kings; hey this is john, i bartend and such at kings. if you like to go out to drink wine with friends, please take a good look at the bottle prices there. i've worked in 17 places over the last 20 years and i've never seen a wine list this good and this cheap. i'd tell you this even if i didn't work there. by the way, thank you for writing about us. see you soon hopefully.


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