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Protip (from my female friends who have had this done to them since we were kids): A lemon juice/sugar mixture sprayed on the henna helps keep the henna from drying completely; the longer the henna is moist and it stays on the skin, the darker it will be. I don't know how long you waited, but south asian brides often have the tattoos done and wrapped with moist cloths overnight before removing the dried henna.


Crystal (Cafe Cyan)

Looks great! I'm a big fan of henna tattoos and do them myself sometimes (although I can do a basic flower, that's it). I should check this place out.


does it hurt to get a henna tatoo?

Julie Smith

Henna tattoo designs are quite popular among the youths for its vibrant and unique color, undefined edges, and temporary stay on body parts. Originated basically in India and known as Mehndi Art, Henna tattoos are used for different occasions – marriage, Eid, Diwali, Mawlid, Passover, Nawroz, etc.

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I love that tattoo.. So beautiful and awesome.. :)


I'm so glad you told us about this! My girlfriend and I went out yesterday and had this done. They aren't in Suite 110 anymore, I wish I'd paid attention to see if there was a number over the door. Luckily a man in Suite 110 directed us down the hall and around the corner to a closed white door where the henna was being done.

You really don't need to leave the henna on longer than it takes to dry. They don't use the brown concoction I've seen in other places. Once the henna has dried it is black as night on your skin. LOVE IT!


I'm surprised Marchelle hasn't commented on this blog post yet; she went shortly after I did and had a severe skin reaction to the chemicals. The Somali henna shops don't actually use henna, they use the active ingredient in black hair dye. If you get it done there, you'll notice that it is very slow to fade and it does permanently dye the hair on your arms. If anyone is allergic to hair dye, they should most definitely NOT have this non-henna tattooing done. Marchelle's arm was a red, raised blistered mess and she will have permanent scarring.

While I had no problems whatsoever and enjoyed the experience, you should also read about Marchelle's experience:



I love the designs!! Can you post more pics if you get it done. I would love to see more designs by "sabrina fierce" (:

Bella Woods

Wow! aint that cool..
I love all the designs and I always thought that henna tattoo is safest and coolest alternative for ink tattoos..

Thanks for sharing this. Really nice.


That's my aunt's store that there I get it for free it's so pretty!!!


That's my aunt's store. They are really good at making henna they do it for me all the time. My sis Sabrina was named after that Sabrina. And I was named after my aunt. I think u should go there because they make pretty henna.


Hey I really appreciate the fact that u posted my designs and how u explained it well done thank you, and for the people that want to get it come see me at 2910 pillsbury Ave S suite 110 and make sure u ask for sabrina because there some people that open other henna shops in the mall that practice on people..SO make sure its me come see me!!!


Ive had a henna done there before and they are very beutiful. Is there a phone number to reach sabrina, and what are the hours that they are open.


I'm very dissappointed. I know very well how to do henna but I couldn't have done it on both my hands so thought of getting some help, went to the mall to get the henna done (original, not black)....never mentioned I wan't a tattooo, I asked for henna but I got a henna tatto without my knowledge. I wanted to get this done for a festival not knowing what I'm getting into. Now...I got this done yesterday, October 25th...And I want to get rid of this today, as I don't want black hands on my festival which is today...looking for an answer ASAP.


Henna is never black!!!! What is being advertised as 'black henna' is dangerous. It is black hair dye and it causes burns, scars, and cancer of the kidneys. It is also ILLEGAL to use black hair dye on the skin in Minnesota.

Natural unadulterated henna must stay on the skin at least four hours for a good stain that will last around two weeks. The stain color will range from brown to burgundy.

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