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A coworker was going on about how much he likes Figlio, and he was quite shocked to discover that it was no longer there. He actually doubted me. I gave him cause to recant his position and, once he finds all his teeth, he'll check out the new place.

vaxcel lighting

I love figlio

Megan 'Schletty' Carpenter

Thanks for the great review! I was utterly confused and somewhat disappointed when I heard last fall that Figlio was going away. I will definitely check this place out.

Ed Kohler

It's good to hear that they're coming back strong. Figlio was one of the few places in Uptown that I enjoy hitting.


I tried Il Gatto again over the weekend and finally had the limoncello tiramisu. It's fantastic and everything I dreamed it would be... except the presentation. It's served in 2 white chocolate yin-yang shells that were hard, waxy and inedible. We cleaned out the tiramisu and left the shells. Other than that, it's tart and creamy, flavor reminiscent of lemon curd, but with the added texture from the soaked cookies.


Sometimes Broders has a limoncello tiramisu that is awesome!

Tamara Ecklund

You had a completely different experience than we did. Our drinks took forever (and were not good) our appetizers came out 10 minutes apart (one was raw oysters, not properly removed from their shells), the server accidently sent out the wrong entree, and the one that was correct was cold.

The manager came over to the table, explained to us that the mistake was, "all (our) server's fault"...wrong table to do that, buddy. Our server was darling - coping with a very busy night, and clearly inept management. We received complimentary dessert and were on our way. The server got a huge tip, btw. We'll try it one more time...but at the bar.

Bella Woods

sounds like a nice place to check out..
thanks for sharing this...

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