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I am *supposed* to be flying out to New York City tomorrow morning....whether or not that happens is yet to be seen. And no...I can't move up my flight sadly.


Well, my original plans of Holy Land Deli and a movie may be adjusted to some home cooking and DirectTV... but I'm okay with that.


I asked about bars. Won't somebody please think of the bars!?


Bexley! My bad. I got your email but had little luck finding bars in your preferred driving range that were open tomorrow. Half the bars north of Broadway in Northeast will be open tonight, so you should find one without much effort. Tomorrow, the 331 Club is open for sure at 4pm.



Hey, when did Stasiu's shut down? I just noticed it a week or two ago. I don't drive down University often these days.

Tara (twoleggedtara)

We're at home for Christmas, but that was planned. I'm totally loving the snow since I don't have anywhere I have to be. Tomorrow is the annual Christmas Shuang Cheng meal. YUM!


In August, when the owner died. Hasn't been open since.



Well, that would explain it.

Geez, not a good photo, either. Did they photoshop out the large gold medallion?

Sarah Buckley

We are hitting Shuang Cheng tomorrow. The shaggin wagon is not a good snow driver so we have been holed up here. Happily!!!

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