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I am, of course, leaning towards the purple and black ones in the middle. It seems they're the hardest to find in any size.

David e

I think I saw all these styles at the walking store at the MOA on the first floor! Not sure of the name of the store off hand but it's past H&M just a bit! Worth a looksy.




Alas, Zappos, in all their overnight delivery glory, does not have my size :(

GF reader Scott just left me a message-- he's got a hot line on some Torinos at Rosedale Herberger's. I'm gonna investigate!


You could always get them off of ebay. One of the main stores is right out of Chippewa Falls, WI.


Crystal (Cafe Cyan)

Great picks! I love love love the first 2 (esp. the purple/black). Now I want some - I'm a 9.5, so let me know if you do find them.

I thought Columbia at MOA was selling Sorels this year...were they out?


The second ones shown are the ones from Herbergers right? I thought they looked great on you! Sorry i didnt have time to catch up, work, work, work!


http://www.zappos.com/n/p/p/7550094/c/7775.html shows the oyster/wild orchid in a 9.....I am looking for an 8 should you see anything.

[email protected]


amazon is also showing a 9 in the wild orchid......Lucky! :)

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