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Kate NG Sommers

two of my cats are often found in this position. Soooo strange.. It's like they're just waiting for me to come over and scratch their bellies even if I've been out of the room for hours. They do it on the hard wood and on carpet. Weirdos


Mine do this too...I call it "airing out their business."


I can't figure out exactly what it means. Sometimes my Bella comes in and purposely *flumps* onto the carpet, exposing her belly as though she wants a rub. But she doesn't, she hates being touched on her undercarriage and clambers up to trot a few feet to the side, and then *flump* to the floor once more. She stares at me like I'm supposed to know what happens next, even though I get it wrong every time.


Perfect description, Christian. Felicia does the exact same thing, but doesn't sprawl out completely on her back like Munchkin does. Weirdos.

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