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h georgeson

thank you so much lady. my lil bro was diagnosed with celiacs this year and there has been a LOT of tinkering around with recipes and brands o' bread in the household. everything always ends up tasting like cake. good with jelly, but terrible with turkey. [there has to be a joke in that last sentence somewhere]


My pleasure! Tried it lightly toasted last night with hummus and it was great.

My friend CC bought a pack of French Meadow gluten-free tortillas the same day we both picked up the Udi's bread and I don't recommend those. They're hard, chewy and flavorless. CC was thinking that steaming them instead of warming in the toaster oven might produce a more pliable food product, but I don't know. I'll never buy them.


I'm making banana bread today, with rice flour, just for you.

Also, I have an awful lot of rice flour.


Hey, did you have any of this bread on hand when I stopped by your place last week?


Marchelle, that's a disaster waiting to happen. If you want to try gluten-free baking, start with Bob's Gluten-free Flour Mix. I've experimented very lightly, but want to bake cookies with it next.


Alexis, can you find a kind of bread that has bacon in it or any kind of dead animal.

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