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I could not agree more. The movie was a bore. It was anticlimactic. It had be falling asleep in too many moments. It was a terrible way to end such an amazing story.

You're Incredibly Irritating

If you want depth, watch a documentary for crying out loud. It's as if you just bought a Vogue and are whinging because it's not National Geographic. What did you expect? We don't watch SATC because we want to relate to the characters through their struggles, we watch so that we can escape from ours and into their diamond studded couture draped fantasy life if only for roughly 3 hours.


It's entertainment for petes sake, we were not supposed to leave with a new revelation on Muslim states>>>> Verisimilitude: willing suspension of disbelief!
I loved the movie, cheered and sang along!

Tara (twoleggedtara)

I agree that the movie was pure fluff, but I completely enjoyed it. Most of the series was pure fluff too, so I was cool with the movie having no actual point. I spotted several outfits that I would like to have, which is one of the primary goals for any SATC viewing for me! The Liza part was hilarious although repulsive and will haunt me for weeks!


It sounds kind of awful, but I must ask... was the series ever really anything more than this?


The movie was horribly disappointing. To previous commenters - I totally disagree. I always watched that show because I related to the aspect of the female friendships and how "real" many of the situations were. The sex, shoes, designer labels were all just "frosting." There was very little-to-none of those beautiful moments of friendship in the movie.


ugh. SOOOOOOOOOO bad. i really enjoyed the tv show until the super-cheesy happy ending, and the first movie was moderately tolerable as a fluffy entertainment-only movie, but the 2nd one was so bad it actually offended me...and probably a lot of muslim women.

not funny. not fashionable. and aside from the moment you mention between charlotte and miranda, none of the characters went through any kind of valuable growth or transformation that helped move their narratives along. literally, this movie was a giant waste of time both for the audience and the characters.

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