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Very exciting! The food and view sounds great AND HH from 2pm - 7pm? Fantastic!


Watch out for this place, specifically one of the managers on duty (Melissa) and Assistant General Manager (Brad Berge)!!!! I was just there this last Saturday and was treated extremely disrespectfully for NO reason. I had been there for 1 hour, had 1 glass of wine and was denied further service being told I was too intoxicated! The MOD Melissa told me I wasn't able to keep my head off the bar... this was a flat out lie! I was sitting directly at the bar, the bartenders and barbacks even thought it was a joke I was denied service. They were offended their judgment was not trusted to continue serving a patron who was 100% SOBER when asked their opinion!!! The Assistant GM told me to my face he thought I was sober, but yet continued to deny me service! Watch out, the MOD Melissa appears to have a personal vendetta that she will take out on anyone she feels she would like to.


From what I can tell, isn't this a 89% rip-off of the menu, color scheme, name & concept of Cafeteria in Chelsea, NYC?

Account Deleted

My husband told me he's been there before, and he also loved the bar stools. In fact, he loved them so much that he got enticed to buy bar stools for our house. But since our house's interiors is Spanish inspired, he ordered iron bar stools instead. And while he was at it, I also purchased additional iron furniture for our garden. It was one big purchasing rush! He didn't inform me of any bad experience, though. It does look like a posh area for a couple of drinks. I'm gonna bring my girlfriends there next time!

Wrought Iron Furniture

From the way you describe things, it sounds like it's a really nice place to visit. I'll be sure to check it out the next time I'm in the area.

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