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I think most people who claim not to like veggies grew up on only the mushy, commercially canned stuff and just haven't had enough fresh, local produce introduced to them.


I got a farm share this year, and it really increased the amount of veggies I ate this spring/summer/early fall. I have a bunch left over in freezer bags too. Making your own soup is the easiest thing in the world to do. Check out Mark Bittman's book "Food Matters"; I'd pick the cookbook over the more talky one, because he has great simple recipes.


I have a strong urge to cook for and force feed anyone who claims they don't like any vegetables. YOU'RE EATING THE WRONG VEGETABLES!

oh, my love for veggies is strong though.

Cool site! I like finding other TC blogs :)


A lot of people don't like eating vegetables because they are green and they sometimes look unattractive. But like nutritionists and even the dentist would say that we get so much benefits from eating vegetables every day. If you will notice, people who eat vegetables have good skin, good memory, good teeth and almost perfect! (Like me, haha!) My dentist (Greenville) would also tell me that vegetables reduce cavities and tooth decay. So c'mon people, let's eat veggies now!


I like to take a green bell pepper, cut it in half, pull out the core & seeds, then eat it it raw as if it was a big chunk of fruit. I sometimes munch on fresh cucumbers the same way.

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